Write about two characters who are soulmates. Explain the coincidence that made them never meet.

A person decides to leave their family and never speak to them again. The reason is not love nor hate. Write about their reason to do so.

I want to introduce one of my heroes, Britta Perry. She is the bravest, most passionate activist, I have ever had the honor of imitating. So, hey buy her a drink!

excuses / jeff & britta fanmix (listen)

01. anna ternheim - damaged ones

maybe we are the damaged ones
endless need like a burning sun
burns like you, my damaged one
it’s you or none, my damaged one
it’s you or none, my damaged one

02. frightened rabbit - the woodpile

i’m trapped in a collapsing building
come find me now, where i hide and
we’ll speak in our secret tongues

so will you come back to my corner?
spent too long alone tonight
would you come brighten my corner?
a lit torch to the woodpile

03. grouplove - lovely cup

you’re such a lovely cup
why don’t cha fill me up
all these reasons too hard to explain
so, i’ll drink you up my dear
we got it all right here
here is now, and now is where i want to be

04. best coast - crazy for you

i can’t do anything without you
can’t do anything with you
drive me crazy but i love you
make me lazy but i love you
want to hate you but then i kiss you
want to kill you but then i miss you

05. family of the year - hero

let me go
i don’t wanna be your hero
i don’t wanna be a big man
i just wanna fight with everyone else

06. the airborne toxic event - does this mean you’re moving on?

when the words are wrong
and you’re hanging on
another guy’s arm
does this mean you’re moving on?

07. fruit bats - when u love somebody

baby, remember on the bus and my hand was on your knee
when you love somebody it’s hard to think about
anything but to breathe

08. jake bugg - note to self

girl, you’ve been forgetting
just how special you really are
and i try to remind you
sometimes i can’t find you
but the truth is in your heart

09. the morning benders - excuses

and i made an excuse
and you found another way to tell the truth
i put no one else above us
we’ll still be best friends when all turns to dust

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